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Request a Reading

Thank you for expressing interest in hosting a reading.


So you’ve made the first step, you’ve requested Jessica Jordan-Hogan to come and speak at your event. We couldn’t be more excited. Imagine, your students filling a room to have access to a popular author. Questions such as, “What are your motivators?” “Where did you get the ideas for characters?” “Do you like to sky dive?” Imagine children sitting on the edge of their chairs in excitement. When authors come to speak to students, students are inspired to want to read, write, and learn more about the process of writing. Make sure to coordinate with fellow teachers, parents, students, and administrators and your author day will be a hit.

A road map to a successful visit:


Fill out the form below

Please make sure you allow at least a month in advance before your visit to ensure the author’s ability and to provide books prior to your proposed visit. 



You will receive a confirmation letter spelling out the terms of agreement, including the honorarium, date of visit, and other details. (Authors should be paid on the day of the visit.)


Customize Travel Arrangements

As the host, you are responsible for making the author's travel plans (including but not limited to making plane reservations, booking hotel rooms, and arranging for ground transportation) unless otherwise specified by the publisher and/or author. These arrangements must be made at least one month prior to the visit. Before setting the author's travel plans, ask about his or her personal requirements. Leave no stone unturned.

Start with these questions:

  • Do you prefer a nonstop flight? a window or aisle seat? a certain airline?

  • Would you like to travel the night before or the morning of the event?

  • Would you like someone from the faculty to pick you up at the airport or do you prefer a car service?

  • Would you like a non-smoking room in your hotel?

  • Do you have any dietary restrictions, or medical conditions we need to be aware of, such as allergies, diabetes, etc.?

  • Would you prefer a quiet dinner in your hotel or would you like to have an informal dinner with faculty members? 

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