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About the Author

Meet Jessica Hogan


My name is Jessica Jordan-Hogan and I wear a plethora of hats throughout the day, like most modern women. My most favorite include being a wife to a supportive and intelligent husband, a mom to two spunky, outgoing daughters and a Teacher of the Deaf to some of the most amazing kiddos. My path to deaf education has been anything but linear. I sort of “fell” into my career, as I was going back to school to become a Speech and Language Pathologist after teaching math and history in secondary education. I wanted to stay in education, but I saw a need with so many of my students with special needs. I will never forget how Dr. Christina Perigoe came to speak in one of my speech classes about this program at the University of Southern Mississippi. In a little less than two years, I had learned so much. I also had the opportunity to extend my education and training at John’s Hopkins, The Listening Center. It wasn’t until my experience in my classroom did I start to see a need to share what happens within my four walls with the world. My students have always been so unique, whether it be their differences in abilities, hearing loss, religion, or culture. The concept to tackle Microtia specifically came from the lack of awareness within the field and community. I’ve been blessed to teach a student with Microtia and/or Atresia every single year of my career, sometimes several students at a time. When trying to find accessories for their equipment, it was limited or non-exsistent. To find a book with representation, again, it was limited or non-existent.  Furthermore, I did not have a book that was just about kids being kids with varying exceptionalities. It is my hope and plan to illuminate the uniqueness in students with varying exceptionalities while also showing the similarities of just being a “regular ‘ol kid”. I’m so excited you’ve decided to join this journey, The adventures of Billie BAHA and her Super HEARo friends! is just the beginning….

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